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The IT platform for the optical world

RxOffice Lab Management Plus. Our LMS provides more than the ordinary functionality like any other LMS out there. Our functionality has spread even farther beyond its original purpose. Stock management. data management, data mining and data analysis, have been added to RxOffice, enabling the realization of all requirements completely within a single software solution.

Practice Management System. Our PMS runs in the cloud. It supports customer demographics, eye-tests, appointment scheduling and an e-commerce platform

The RxOnline is a business to business web soloution for ordering lenses. It supports remote edging with all major tracer brands. The orders are validated for missing information and plausibility checks. Real-time job status tracking and dashboard functionality.

The eyeWizard is a lens consulting application. It shows the end consumer in a very attractive and interactive way what best fits his/her needs

Lab Management Plus

RxOffice has everything you need run your lab effieciently. The syetem is modular so you add the blocks you require now and expand later. Key features include workflow and data tracking support, data exchange- and interfaces integrating with laboratory equipment.

Laboratory’s requirements are rapidly evolving and different labs often have different needs. RxOffice provides a flexible architecture and our long term global experience can be adapted to your local requirements.